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Kit Silver

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  1. Kit Silver added a topic in The Ballpit   

    Let us start an adventure
    rules are simple, we reference the above persons story and then built on it, we can reference any character or story element, just dont make it too complicated that's all x3
    It was a early summers day, the spring had not quite made dominance and the weather was quiet with subtle partly cloudy skys, a patron Largon entered a small dank wooden In on the outskirts of the town of Woden, and sits among many others at a table.
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  2. Kit Silver added a post in a topic Would you yiff me.   

    I would, but i need a ball gag and possibly a whip
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  3. Kit Silver added a post in a topic No.   

    @KayDee .....I'm not so gruuump!
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  4. Kit Silver added a topic in Introductions   

    Kitainian, Kitonia or maybe just kit, Hi!
    Hello! I am Kitainian Royale Silver, Sovereign of my domain, hand to my king and commander of my battalion; the iron warriors.

    aside from the role-play title, I'm a relatively quiet person, tryin to change that.

    I'm a Largon which is a Llama/dragon hybrid, and I'm looking to have fun here when I got the confidence to speak up and make new friends ^_^
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